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This wonderful image immediately reminded me of the last lines in Bertold Brecht’s poem

Memory of Marie A.

On that day in blue moon September
Quietly under a young plum tree
I held her, my quiet pale love
In my arms like a lovely dream
Above us in the beautiful summer sky
There was a cloud I could see for a long time
It was very white and very far up
And as I looked up, it was gone

Since that day, many many moons
Have silently swum down and past
The plum trees must have taken flight
And you ask me about love?
Thus I tell you: I cannot remember
And yet, of course, I know what you mean
But her face I really don’t recall
I only remember: I kissed it once

And even that kiss I would long have forgotten
If there hadn’t been that cloud
I still remember it and always will
It was very white and came from up above
The plum trees may still blossom
And that woman may have her seventh child by now
But that cloud only blossomed for minutes
And as I looked up, it already was fading in the wind

Daran musste ich auch denken, lieber Markus, wirklich.
Nur schafft das Foto, was das Gedicht noch beklagt, nämlich, dass die Wolke beim Aufschauen wieder verschwunden ist: Das Foto friert noch das Flüchtigste ein. Das Gedicht allerdings auch, nur mit Worten.

Das Foto hat ja eigentlich eine düstere Atmosphäre. Aber die einzelne Wolke verleiht ihm auch etwas Märchenhaftes, für mich jedenfalls.

Gruß, Uwe

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